Confirmed sit but listing is out of date, Welcome Guide not sent + HO not currently active

Yes, as a sitter they have three reviews. Not sure if they did more than 3 sits at THS.

Also just saw this:
In the past year, as an official Rover sitter, has cared for more than 13 pets from over eight different households.

@cat.tails You mentioned inappropriate messages on What’s App. I’d report them

i will message you

I might have misunderstood.

Sometimes things develop from just one little assumption and that’s all I wanted to say.

Otherwise I also see some :triangular_flag_on_post: and if it was me I would have canceled as well.

Horrible tone in the messages they sent and not at all in the spirit of THS. Definitely move on. Big bullet dodged there.

wow, I’m on a roll - I just had a look at the sit that follows this one that has just been cancelled and the HO is no longer active on THS. I just sent them a whatsapp message asking if the sit is going ahead or not and it looks like they might be ghosting me - the message appeared to be read, but they did not reply. It would be a simple yes/no answer.

I have asked them to reply in the next 24 hours but I think I will start looking for a replacement sit for this one too!

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How unusual @cat.tails - if you don’t get a response from the homeowner within 24 hrs I would definitely contact Support and find out what is going on.
Are these sits in the same country?
Please let us know how you get on.

yes, the sits are in the same country

The HO sent me the WG as a MS Word doc at the end of June when we confirmed the sit. I have their phone number/whatsapp contact but the WG does not mention the address (insert emoji for shaking my head)

@cat.tails , could be that the Homeowners membership has expired ( didn’t auto- renew ) and therefore the sit gets automatically cancelled by the THS platform ?

Member services will be able to confirm if this is the case . Suggest you contact them asap
by live chat :speech_balloon:

the sit still shows in my Dashboard

I can contact member support by email. I don’t like “live chat” with robots.

EDIT: live chat is utterly useless - it’s a robot / virtual assistant who cannot answer my question

Screenshot 2023-11-05 at 5.37.25 pm

I understand @cat.tails me neither , they never understand my questions ! :joy: but I have frequently asked the THS chatbot to connect me to a human and then have been connected to a real person for a conversation.

okay i will ask Frankie to connect me to a human

It’s strange that you can still access the WG if the HO is not active ?

total waste of time trying to use live chat - of course, it is Sunday

Screenshot 2023-11-05 at 5.38.52 pm

easier to send an email and i the meantime I will look at other options for those dates cos I suspect that host is going to go AWOL / MIA

they did not send a WG at THS

they sent me a MS Word doc via whatsapp

the profile at THS does not show up at all anymore. The way I can see they are not active is that under their name in my Inbox are the words “Currently not active”. I cannot open their messages at THS, only at whatsapp.

That’s bad form from the HO for appearing to ‘abandon’ an agreed sit without informing or officially cancelling with you, before they cut and run - and will be contrary to the T&Cs, which THS may take note off, should they ever re-activate their account. Perhaps the HOs will get back to you and suggest still doing the sit outwith THS, but obviously that brings its own issues too.

@cat.tails - good job it isn’t an emergency situation

In terms of Welcome Guide: I sit in Europe. I’ve received a Welcome Guide via THS maybe one-third of the sits I’ve done.

Others either the owners typed something up & printed it, or we just do a verbal handover. Fine with me either way. I don’t need to know everything in advance if we can just do a verbal run through and confirm things in the moment

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I agree with you - I also don’t need to know everything in advance.

I think it is easier for the host to send us the link as soon as the sit is confirmed, then we can read it at our leisure, whether that’s a month, a week, a day or an hour before the sit begins, that’s up to the sitter - but at least the WG is there!

If the HO does not send it immediately, they are likely to forget later on - why not make it easy on themselves :wink:

All my 44 sits have been in Europe (incl the UK) - and I get a WG or equivalent 100% of the time, it is what I have become accustomed to. I can understand you not being used to it if you only get a WG 33% of the time.

at this point, they have not abandoned the sit. It still shows in my Dashboard, but their listing/profile is not visible anymore cos they are not active as a member.

I have emailed support and I guess they will reply tmrw/Monday.

In the meantime, I will apply for replacement sits cos this host is possibly behaving like they are ghosting me. That is the weird and wonderful thing about whatsapp - we can see when the message has been read by the recipient, and if they do not reply to a simple yes/no question we start to wonder why.

I would not be prepared to do the sit if they are not a member anymore.

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