Confirmed sit but listing is out of date, Welcome Guide not sent + HO not currently active

haha, true! it’s lucky this is not an emergency!

I guess THS do not deal with emergency situations on the weekends, only Mon-Fri

Perhaps their membership has simply expired and they are not aware of it.

yes, maybe, but if they read my whatsapp message, they will know that their membership has expired :slight_smile:

Tbh I suspect that some HOs might be trying to save money by not renewing immediately? Especially if they do not travel often, so when they have confirmed a sit (as in this case), they think they don’t need their membership anymore?

They may get offered a 20% discount by not auto- renewing …

. As long as they renew by the date of the sit you will be covered by THS … but it’s strange that the sit is still showing on your dashboard in the meantime?

I got an email from THS member support but the wording is a bit strange:

Thank you for getting in touch with us, and I hope this email finds you well. I am happy to assist you.

I am sorry to hear that the pet parent with whom you have sit confirmed is not active on our platform. Also, please note that if they respond and if the sit will proceed, then you will not be covered for any insurance.

If you would like, I can confirm the seat so that you can find another sit outside of our platform.

I hope your current sit is going well

I have asked for clarification about what they mean by this bit especially:

If you would like, I can confirm the seat so that you can find another sit outside of our platform.

Sounds like they means “cancel” not “confirm “ ? But I would assume that the platform automatically cancels sits when membership expires as that is what has been reported on this forum ?

the platform does not automatically cancel sits when membership expires. Earlier this year, I had a confirmed sit and I noticed that the HO was not active after the sit had been confirmed but the sit remained on my dashboard. The HO then renewed their membership after I informed them, ie before the sit began. Again, I only noticed it when I was at the point of wanting to request the WG from them, but luckily I had their whatsapp/phone number

Ok, different experience! I’ve been cat sitting via this site since 2015 - mainly continental Europe, sometimes UK. I don’t expect a WG because more often than not they don’t have one - at least that’s been my experience. Maybe cat people can’t be really bothered? :slight_smile:

all my 44 sits so far are/were cat sits in UK and France. I was just lucky that all my HOs wrote WGs :wink: My experience is that cat people CAN be bothered :slight_smile:

Yikes! Red flags all over the place!

@cat.tails I would ask for clarification.
Do they mean ‘unconfirm the sit’ rather than ‘confirm the seat’?
Why would you want a sit outside the platform?

Not all sitters check to see if a HO is currently active prior to a sit. I think I will from now on.

Surely all you require is a homeowner who is still a member during the period of the sit so that you are covered by any insurance, can have access to the WG and receive a review for your efforts.

Not a lot to ask surely.


they corrected the typo and wrote after I questioned it:

Thank you for the response and update. I am sorry for the error in my first email. Yes, so if you do not want to house-sit for the pet parent who is not our member, I can unconfirm the sit so that you can find another house sit.

me too - I don’t always check because usually when the sit will begin we are communicating on whatsapp not THS. That said, not all HOs use whatsapp so sometimes we commuicate via THS only but that is a large minority in my experience of 46 cat sits so far (44 at THs, and 2 with another platform)

Hi @cat.tails and everyone else

I wonder how experienced Membership Services staff are these days.
Also, many sign off as Membership Executive

Hi @Itchyfeet
the typo might also have been due to google translate? It makes sense to me that there could be Membership Executives whose first language is not English.

I have had sits where animals were added after we agreed on the sit. The HOs did not bother to tell me. It’s worth checking the listing for that and ask the owners if you agreed on the sit a while ago.

that’s a good point

the host for the sit that will most likely replace the sit this thread started off about is very upfront and told me that there is now one more cat to make a total of 4 cats in their listing. Sounds heavenly! I am just about ready to confirm that sit now :slight_smile:


I am relieved for you that you cancelled the sit.

The fact that the location was changed - I don’t know why the HO would even expect the sit to continue after that. For me, location is THE first thing I look for.

But I really did not like the tone of the response - that would have clinched it for me.

Pull out and decline while you can! I had an irresponsible HO do this as well and I was trying to get her to update her request for a sit months before and it came down to days before. Then I was met with a camera in my bedroom! Trust your gut. There’s no shame in pulling out if the HO can’t do something easy for you ahead of time. Plus, they have an attitude. No thank you!!!

A THS mod has removed the quotes of HO messages in the first post. I did not realise I cannot show you all what the HO had written…

@cat.tails . Were they full-on quotes or just summaries of what the HO said?
Question to moderators … would summaries have been okay?