Confused about the sign up options

Hello, I am thinking of joining but I have a few questions. There are 3 options to sign up but I don’t really fully understand them (is a way to get more details?). For example do you need to sign up for any more than the basic package? What’s the money back guarantee?

Do you need a lot of reviews and photographs of yourself with pets etc? I am very camera shy. To be honest I was very unwell for 5 years so I lost a lot of confidence. However I have travelled a lot, lived in multiple countries, and I love cats very much. I have a lot of cat experience and some dog experience. Both are great. I am very conscientious and kind.

Have I even posted this in the right place?

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Welcome @JohnnyZenith yes you are in the right place for answers .
Are you thinking of joining THS as a sitter or Home Owner or both ?

Hello @JohnnyZenith and a warm welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

You are most definitely in the right place for answers :blush:

I have attached a couple of links you should find helpful regarding membership types and the money back guarantee

As you are just starting out I would recommend adding some references to your profile, you should find the attached thread helpful

I have also attached a video for you to explain how everything works

Also, remember you can use the spyglass symbol at the top of the page next to the TrustedHousesitters logo and search for any questions that you may have as they have most likely already been answered on here and of course if not then please just ask! :blush:

Oh as a sitter.

I still don’t understand which membership, is basic all I need?

I started with the basic membership to test the waters and see if I liked it. I did, so I upgraded to premium membership to obtain the added benefits.

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Basic membership is all you need to get started as a sitter. We started 6 months ago with basic membership and have 8 sits lined up already this year .

The other levels give you extra perks like
2 x airport lounge pass per annum and
Insurance if a sit is cancelled - but there are T&Cs such as it has to be cancelled within 14 days of start date and you pay first $100 of a claim .
If you are not going to use those extras start with the basic level and see how you get on. You can always upgrade part way through the year .

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