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Is it ok if I put my email in my profile or is that against the rules? I’ve had HOs contact me via a private invite, but would like to add something to my profile that would indicate they can be contacted to see if we may be a match for future sits through THS. I’ve been able to connect via the private invites to several HOs that I think will coordinate dates with me in the future (of course always through THS never on my own). With the inability for a HO to contact me except through a private invite, which they may not know about, I’d love to put my email on my profile.

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Hi @Peg,

This is a good question and one that I can’t answer for you because I just don’t know for certain so I am tagging @Angela-HeadOfCommunity who would best have the answer. My thinking is this could potentially be a safety issue you may want to think about, meaning anyone can sign up for a free account and could potentially see your email (every time I try to see what it look like for a free account I logs me into my real account so I am not 100% sure how it looks for free accounts).

I see on your profile you have your LinkedIn account, so that too is an alternative way a HO could contact you.

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Thank you @Kelly-Moderator you are spot on

Hi @Peg, are you talking about adding your email address to your THS profile or your Forum profile? The answer is the same for both and that is no personal contact details should be listed in either profiles. … Particularly the Forum which is a public space.

All member to member communication should be done initially through the website’s secure messaging system only when arrangements have been agreed and sits confirmed should members exchange offsite contact details.

I hope that helps clarify things for you.