Cotswold mystery books

You might be amused by the series of books (21 so far) by Rebecca Topes about a house sitter (Thea Osborne) in the Cotswolds - everywhere she goes there is a mystery (usually a murder) to solve. If the (sadly late) friend who introduced me to these books knew that my first sit is in the Cotswolds this Christmas she’d roar with laughter.


@DianeS. Rebecca Tope’s lighthearted books were responsible for me sitting In Duntisbourne Abbots, one of her villages, in August. I can reassure sitters the villagers are very friendly and welcoming and no murder was committed!!


Well that’s definitely going on my list! Thank you!

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I’ve also read a few of Rebecca Topes books, although not for a while. I must see if the library has any new ones!

I live on the edge of the Cotswolds so enjoyed reading the books set in places I know. I’ve also done a few local Cotswolds sits without incident!


This just came up on my Facebook feed……