Urban house sitting

Having traveled a lot over the last fifty years I rarely do house sits in cities. We did enjoy taking care of two cats a few years ago in London though. I have fond memories f a woman I dated years ago who lived on a houseboat near me in Seattle. So with this view and great restaurants near by this was a situation that I couldn’t pass up. Last night Everyone was out enjoying a PNW Summer.


Great picture and sit, Dennis!

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Thanks, I am putting together a book of photos to include pets that we have looked after. Homes and their settings and interesting side stories. So so many to choose from like looking after a Corgi in the closest house overlooking Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness and and incredible view of the Swiss alps and a gorgeous Lake near my favorite place on Earth. Long conversations with a French neighbor during afternoon tea not understanding each other but a having delightful conversations anyway. And those incredible I can’t believe this just happened moments thanks to Trusted House Sitters. Sharing those stories would make for a great non fiction book.


Wow, @Dennis, that is a stunner! I adore the Pacific Northwest when its sunny on those 5 days :rofl:

Isn’t TrustedHousesitters just fabulous? For so many of the reasons you’ve noted and more. Between the new destinations, stunning landscapes and the furry ones, meeting new people who have become lifelong friends is also a highlight for me. Sounds like you’ve been to some incredible places so far. The world is our oyster!

Thank you for sharing. We look forward to seeing updates on your upcoming adventures.
Karen and the Forum Team

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I can’t wait to read your collection of experiences!

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I have dozens of stories from our adventures. Coming up Mt. Baker area, an amazing return sit in a waterfront home on Orcas Island and a return to the amazing Oregon Coast. Fortunately we always have great return options here in the PNW. I relocated here forty years ago. It has everything that I love. We plan to house sit for a couple of months again next Spring in Europe. Ireland specifically. This is our spot on Orcas in August. I put lots of effort into putting ourselves in great situations, but it was worth the effort. I used to be a Destination Expert on the Trip Advisor forums for many years so I know Washington better than most locals.


Jodi probably won’t start it till we do at least one more series of house sits in Europe. That will provide lots more fodder. If I Ever stop traveling I would love to find someone to co author a book or start a website to share stories on I can’t believe that just happened. What are the chances. I’ve had so many of those experiences in my travels especially in the last twenty years. Here is just one example and off the top of my head and some are from house sitting. I too took a side trip to my favorite place Anywhere after doing business in Geneva. I had a late breakfast in a restaurant, where I have stayed before. The only way to get to this village is be a special lift or hike. The only other people having breakfast heard me speaking English to the owner. They asked me what brought me there. I told them that I had brought a priceless painting to a museum for an exhibition and wanted to return to an area where I had been visiting since 1972. They asked me what museum that I worked for. They said oh we are from that City and have a friend that works at that museum. Do you know him. Well not only did I know him, but I hired him and worked with him side by side and we shared an office. Lots of stories like that!