What have you discovered close to home?

Travel is on all our minds again… with some having more freedom than others to venture further afield. But many of us have recently discovered that there’s so much to be appreciated in our local areas. Sights, walks, hikes, waterways, historic buildings… all places we’ve overlooked to venture overseas for bigger adventures.

So to start our NEW TRAVEL category, please share with us those special discoveries you’ve made in your own back yard.

Where have you been on a domestic sit that surprised you? Have you taken a staycation with your pets… maybe a caravan, road-trip or other safe time away?

We spent more time in the UK than we planned but got a first time visit in our campervan in Dover – a town normally reserved for hopping on a ferry to Europe. What a surprise… Dover Castle is sensational (English Heritage), we walked the length of the White Cliffs, and cycled country lanes among fields full of wild flowers.

Share your finds, your surprises, and top recommendations for others visiting your home turf… and post some pictures too so we can all be inspired!


I’ve lived in Provence since 2015 but I did not visit much the area as we prefered to go abroad. Stuck in my region I joined a FB group - “balades avec chiens Vaucluse”-
This is how I discovered magnificent landscapes, free of cars, some great views over the Mount Ventoux (1910m) from Velleron with old stoned “bories” to protech sheperds and sheep when storms occured

2 weeks ago I walked in the area of Mormoiron, only 16 km from our home. We walked on an old path which winds through an ancient ochers quarry (which was used until the 50’). Ochers were used as pigments for colors. Magnificent !
Rustrel and Roussillon, more famous villages are called locally “le petit Colorado”. I do understand why now

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Wow Provence, the Mormoiron looks stunning and with beautiful views. I can see the Colorado association too… very reminiscent of Red Rocks! I am getting quite excited about all the possibilities for local travel in France. I’ve been holidaying here since being a kid, but still there is so much undiscovered! Thank you for sharing this… I will add it to my growing list!! Absolutely love that picture of your furry tour guides :heart_eyes:

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Omg I so want to go there. The colours are beautiful, our kind of walking area!


Of course, abroad travels miss me.
But, like Provence says, you don’t need to travel far. There is a lot to see not far from home. Here is Bayonne, 12 km from my home, where I did my first pet sitting in the company of a nice dog.


These are lovely photo collages @Flora, thank you for sharing. There are so many amazing towns and cities in France… I think it would takes years to explore fully. We are very lucky to have all this history and culture on our doorsteps. We arrived in Burgundy during the Nov lockdown so we have so much still to see within a few kms from our long-term sit. Your pet sit charge looks very chilled!


Exactly a year ago today I travelled home to Glasgow from Singapore, after 3 years of travelling around SE Asia house and pet sitting.

My flat in Glasgow is only a few minutes from the River Clyde, close to the Science Museum.

I started walking along the river daily, a 5km circuit, and just after I arrived home, a pair of swans hatched their 6 eggs, the nest at the base of a pontoon/ramp by the Science centre, so for the next few months, I followed the cygnets growing up. Unfortunately only 4 made it to adulthood.
This year she has laid 10 eggs, and I am just waiting for the first to hatch.

I have also been looking after a lovely dog, Lexi, for almost 6-months now, doggy daycare, Mon/Fri, so she keeps me busy and fit !


We live in a very beautiful part of the country and we shouldn’t take it for granted.


Great these walks with a group of dogs

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Did you know there were so many hidden gems along the beautiful rugged coastline of eastern Scotland!

Staying in the UK, our 5 week house sit was with little Mabel in Dundee with so many nearby fabulous sandy beaches with woodland walks.

The beautiful Lunan Bay beach - a stunning expanse of unspoiled sand. A secluded haven on the dramatic Angus coastline, backed by sand dunes and low cliffs.

Over the Tay Bridge, our favourite was Tentsmuir Nature Reserve. A beautiful nature reserve has stunning pine forests with loads of varied walking tracks, miles of sand dunes with hardly a soul to be seen.

St Andrews, known mostly for the prestigious golf course, this seaside University town is simply beautiful. You can walk the craggy coastline pathway passes the remains of St. Andrews Cathedral and the ruins of the mediaeval castle.

A little further North is Ellie beach bay. A sheltered sandy beach with water front cafes and pubs.

In Dundee there is a pretty riverside walk alongside the massive Tay Bridge and passing the V&A Museum. A stunning unique building designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. Dundee centre was quiet of course, its hard to judge anywhere in these unusual times.

We thoroughly loved our explore of the Scottish east coast.


There really are some positives to being in one place for a bit! Amazing to see the swan and her eggs. That nest looks so vulnerable, but then I remembered be chased along a river edge once… they are formidable when defending their lineage :slight_smile: It’s going to be a tough call with Lexi I imagine once you get on the road again.


I was gutted when we couldn’t get to see Scotland last year, but you made up for it and had such beautiful weather too! Loved seeing your photos! Must have been hard giving Mabel back :slight_smile: She looks an absolute darling! Thank you for sharing and supporting our new category :heart_eyes:


Thank you for the photos. I was born an brought up in Fife and I had forgotten how beautiful it is. It sometimes takes a visitor to make you realise how lucky you were.
I have now settled on the south coast of England, a lot warmer thank goodness. Hopefully we will be heading up there in July. Managed to get a sit in Cramond near Edinburgh.


Oh what a wonderful location to be brought up in. Great that you’re returning to nearby soon, enjoy your a Edinburgh sit. :purple_heart:


What I enjoy about sits close to home is that I get to bring my dog with me. He loves to pet sit other animals and is very tolerant. I am going to be doing a pet sit end of the month for a Great Dane in an area I lived in 10 years ago. It is just 2.5 hours drive from my current place but I haven’t been back in 10 years. Catching up with friends there I haven’t seen. I can hardly wait. Also I love Great Danes as does my English Mastiff, Bodi.


Bodi is gorgeous!! :heart_eyes:

Thank you.

That’s a great plus to doing domestic sits. Bodi looks like a gentle giant - thanks for sharing that lovely photo! Have you seen Angela’s recent post about House sits with Great Danes over in the pet category? You might have some tips to add! Enjoy your upcoming sit :slight_smile:

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Lovely to see so many gorgeous places - we are due to cycle up the east coast of Scotland next spring/summer - maybe we can find a sit on the way…!!


That will be an amazing trip, the scenery is stunning, enjoy, hope you get an opportunity of a. Sit too.

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