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My name is Alcy,
Hello, and happy new year to all, I have a question, just joined and not sure how it works.
I’m from Argentina leaving in Saudi Arabia, had 4 dogs back home and here we live in en apartment no suitable for pets, I believe if I get a dog here will spend to many hours alone inside……is a no no, I miss dose times and always travel on my vacations, so I believe will be a nice combination to share te love of someone else’s dog wile taking care of each other.
Can I apply from any country? As others have only some countries included.


Hi @Alcy
A big welcome to the forum and I am sure you will gain lots of excellent information from more experienced members here.

Have a look at the link below to see how you become a sitter. To answer your question, as TrustedHousesitters is a worldwide website, you can apply to any listing in any location.
Sitters can also log on their profile, the countries that are their preferred destinations.

If you ever find yourself searching for answers to a particular question, you can use the magnifying glass in the top right of this window to search the forum. There’s a good chance if you have the question, someone else had the same question and posted about it.

Best wishes
Therese and the Forum team.

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Thank you for sharing, I will fallow your directions :blush::+1: