Dashboard view changed?

Hi! Has anyone else’s dashboard view for viewing sits changed?

The sited used to be organized in thumbnails horizontally with a few different categories, like “Recommended for you” and “Popular this week.” Now, the sits are arranged for vertical scrolling and aren’t organized into any category, so it’s a lot harder to filter through sits. This is through the Trusted Housesitters app on mobile (iPhone).

Is there a way to change it back to the previous interface?

This is what I see if I go to “Find a Housesit”

Below the two sits there on the left, are many more if I scroll down.

It’s looked like this for a long time as far as I can remember.

(To be clear, it’s not in my Dashboard)

Oops I’m referring to the mobile app!

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OK, I don’t use the app much for searches. I just checked and my “dashboard” on the app won’t even open. It just spins there with the centre heart icon open and closing.

The other menu items work fine - search, inbox, favourites, and Me.


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@Kelownagurl my dashboard in the app has never worked either, and does the same as yours. I mainly use my iphone to mark favourites and look at my notification listings. I just revert to the website for the dashboard. @Angela-CommunityManager can you pass this on to the tech team for review please? Thanks.


@Snowbird @Kelownagurl I’ve had the same problem with not being able to access my dashboard on my iPhone too. We have raised this on the forum ages ago but obviously it has not been fixed. Definitely needs the tech team to look at it so thanks for referring this to Angela.

The app for my Samsung Android is often clunky, particularly the dashboard. I regularly get the small heart in the middle of the screen going around and around and around…much like the old spinning wheel of death. The only way to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall the app then it works fine until the next time…My dashboard on the app only shows my confirmed sits horizontally & then under that my oustanding applications horizontally. I can’t see any other info.

Yes! I noticed that, and also I can no longer peruse “Popular sits.” I like the old one better.

Hi @ampastula

Apologies for the late reply. The latest App release we have removed the ‘suggested tab’.

We removed the suggested tab, as this screen had very low interaction (2-3%) Also the results were quite rudimentary and members were not seeing suitable Sits. i.e. locations did not relate to Sitter/Owner preferences.

You now land on the ‘Sits’ screen. The Sits screen shows all the newest sits and this now matches the web experience.

We are continuing to look at the search layout on the app.

Thanks, Ben

@Ben-ProductManager Thank you for the information!
For me, I liked the previous layout especially the “keep it local” and “popular sits” tabs. Now it seems it takes more clicks to scroll through relevant sits by adding filters I otherwise wouldn’t (ex| adding country filters for each one like United States, Mexico, Panama, etc.). It’s less appealing to scroll through the unfiltered view since the cover images are so large (i.e. can’t quickly skim like before) and it seems to be organized by most recent, so it’s less likely I’ll stumble across a relevant sit (ex| long list of United Kingdom sits with one in Oregon sprinkled in).
Just wanted to send along my perspective as a user. Thanks!