Difference between Feedback and a Review

This may be a completely stupid question but what is the difference between leaving or giving “Feedback” after a sit and leaving and giving a “Review”. Is Feedback when we have done a sit and a review when a sitter has done a sit for us? I seem to get requests to do both when we have had a sitter and visa versa. Hope this makes sense.

Home owners leave reviews for sitters. Sitters leave feedback for home owners.

I doubt many people remember which way round is which (I had to look it up!). Either way the principle is the same, so dont get too hung up on the wording.

I must admit, it would make far more sense for both to be called reviews or feedback….hey ho!

Yes I agree - it’s all a bit confusing and I have been doing both for all our sits.

Thanks! I’m glad I’m not the only one that was confused :slight_smile:

While the terminology is confusing, there is also the major difference between a HO reviewing a sitter and a sitter giving feedback to a HO.

The HO’s review of a sitter provides the ability to rate the sitter from 1 - 5 stars in five categories (organized, reliable, self-sufficient, tidy, pet care). A sitter’s feedback of a HO only provides the option of 1 - 5 thumbs up as it relates to how they recommend the sit.

Both HO and sitter can expand further with more detail in the written portion.