Different homes, same listing?

I noticed today some family asking for sitters in Spa

in but mentioning the sit will be in a different location (near Valencia and not Gibraltar)
So we can see only photos of the Gibraltar home. Why that?

Hi @Candide and thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll tag @Therese-Moderator so that she can take a look at this and advise. I suspect they change the photos when they are at the other property and are notifying about this in a message, but Therese can confirm. All the best, Vanessa

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hi @Candide As Vanessa mentions, they have two homes but only one account. The ideal, and always recommended by us, is that a homeowner should have 2 separate accounts for each home. It can become confusing looking at photos and also when reading the reviews. I suspect as both homes are in Spain, it is more accessible for them to change location, for sitters who are only looking to sit in Spain.
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I also have 2 homes. But to have 2 accounts, you have to pay the annual membership twice? Thats not only expensive but redundant since the animals and responsibilities are the same. The other problem is we don’t always know in advance of the annual renewal which home our vacation may start from. I am in my first year as a HO and just had this situation. So I adapted the welcome guide to have 2 paragraphs under each section that have to do with the home or local references eg veterinary contact. Luckily I was able to get the same sitter so other differences between the homes could be explained and shared outside of your website. I don’t have a solution but I’m sure I am not the only HO that has 2 residences.


I was surprised as if the pet responsabilities are the same of course, if the pets stay with the sitter in both homes, the location - Gibraltar and Valencia - are fairly different and photos of one home are probably very different too…
The amount of the subscrition is not that high you can’t give the best infos to sitters. Also feedbacks refer to what home?