Listings with two homes

Some advice please…A lady I house sat for locally has invited me to a sit at her second home overseas but doesn’t know how to post a different property.
Does she have to overwrite, effectively delete, her existing sit with the new one then change it back again for her other property?
Is there an option to have 2 properties against her profile, or should I suggest she saves them in a document and simply swaps them each time?
Thank you


I have favorited a listing where the owner has two homes. She manages these with one account and mentions the two homes in her introduction and for which house she needs the sitter. She also has two separate sets of pictures, one for each house and she posts the pictures appropriate at the time to the listing. She also switches out the text under the Home and Location category to match. It seems to work fine. She has many nice reviews.


Thank you!

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Hi @Dawnie thank you and also to @mars for your helpful support.

I am going to tag @Therese to pick this up as there are certain conditions associated with dual listings. Therese will pick this up when she is back online.


Thank you Angela

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Funny story. I had a confirmed sit for a couple with two homes. Then she realized she had posted the dates for the wrong house!
She apologized profusely but I couldn’t do it.
It all worked out in the end just the characters were different :laughing:

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Hi @Dawnie The best way forward for homeowners with two homes, is to have two separate accounts … one for each home. It can get very confusing on a Homeowner’s account if it is constantly switched between homes, including the admin of deleting/editing/welcome guide/reviews, etc. It also becomes rather confusing for sitters when applying.
We can assist the HO with this 2nd membership. If you can kindly ask the HO to email


Thank you I’ll do that

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@Therese - what is the help -Is this a discount for the second account where the homeowner has two homes ?

Hi @Silversitters
Yes … membership services would be able to assist with a special promocode.

Thank you for confirming @Therese is similar available for sitters who have been sitting as couples but now want two accounts ?