Digital nomad and new here

Hello all,

I’m happy to join this community and hoping to find a pet and house sit in Ecuador as that’s going to be my next destination. I have had 5 pet and house sits in the last year, 2 in South Africa and 3 in the Netherlands. I’m a digital nomad since 7 years, solo female traveler, with a young and warm heart for people as well as animals. I love to take care of your animals as I miss the love of them while traveling.


Hi @AnneMarie welcome to our community forum it’s great to have you here, you are in good company with many digital nomads on the forum sharing stories and experiences. What amazing sit locations you’ve had this year, especially given the travel challenges many have faced, South Africa is very special, don’t you think?

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world.

Welcome again.

Angela and the Team

Hi Angela and team, thanks for the welcome.
Yes, South Africa is very special but I was actually locked down there. I planned to leave but due to Covid, the flight was canceled. So I had to stay and was lucky that I already was a digital nomad. At some point I was asked as a house and pet sitter for friends and so my house and pet sit adventure started.

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There must be so many of us with meaningful COVID related stories, which sounds a very strange thing to say but the pandemic kept many of us in places we might never have stayed long term, places which in a way, became part of our destiny and at the time we wondered why … only to find out later.

Thank you for sharing …