Do I pay sitter

Is it normal to pay a sitter? Ie contribute towards travel costs ?

Hi @Karen3 . No that is not normal and more specifically, is against the terms and conditions of THS that we all agreed to when joining


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No. This is an exchange of pet/house sitting and accommodations. No money changes hands. The sitters get a place to stay in exchange for caring for pets and homes.
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This has been discussed a lot on the forum. You can check your question before posting by using the magnifying glass search field. You may wish to do so now to see other responses


Hi @Karen3, are you the lady I have been talking to on another platform about the travel costs request from a sitter per chance? If not, it must be happening more than we realise.

Hi @Karen3
NO payment.

Travels costs are also a NO BUT you could offer something if there is a RARE UNUSUAL circumstance but essentially, it is NOT common to cover travels so it’s really a NO.

Some HO may offer to pick up / drop off at an airport or train type travel thing.

Some HO’s may leave THsitters a little something as a welcome gesture.

Personally I dislike the spyglass search…it’s cumbersome, old threads and with THS changes not always accurate.

If your questions have been addressed before…just note you may not get many replies…just a few basics.


No it’s not normal to pay, it’s up to the sitter if they choose to travel further afield. We do it because we love animals and we love visiting different places, so we combine the two, and you get a free sitter who loves pets in return for accommodation, it’s a win-win for everyone.

But a little gift is very appreciated, but not necessary, maybe a loaf of local bread, local jam, or wine, chocs, or biscuits. Not necessary, but ever so sweet.


I always offer to pick up and drop off if sitter doesn’t drive, I also show them around and take them shopping, I leave money in case of emergencies but no one has ever mentioned money before, that’s why I asked

It is permissable for you to contribute towards travel costs if you wish. What is not allowed is for the sitter to request or demand any payment.
It would be very rare to help with costs but if you after not getting any traction finding sitters and it’s because you’re in an out of the way place I guess it could become an option. I think you may attract the wrong sort of sitter though.

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No, that’s not me, this is my fourth sit but first one who has mentioned money

Hi Ziggy

No, it’s not me. This is what he said regarding money, I’m not being mean whatsoever, but i leave them feee access to my home, I have a full freezer 8 foot high and similar with the fridge, they also have access to all alchol. I also k look eave £10 for anything they might need.

I live alone so feel a bit awkward regarding this, as if I don’t give him it I don’t have a pet sitter but my gut feeling is strong doubt, what do you advise ?

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@Karen3 sorry, your post was edited and obviously removed the text of what the sitter asked for so it’s a bit hard to comment.

Firstly, if he has ASKED you for money for whatever reason, THAT is definitely against the rules and the ethos of THS. I do not believe that asking for, or being offered money, is right both morally and ethically. If you can’t afford to travel, you can’t afford to be applying for housesits.

I would definitely not be accepting someone who openly asked for money to sit, I believe that is rude and against policy. It sounds like you already offer enough in your home by what you have mentioned and that in itself is enough.

I asked if I had been talking to you on another platform because another lady has had THREE sitters from THS ask her for money for transport to her home in the USA in one advertised sit alone ! She, also, is a first time member and is very disappointed and upset that this has happened as she was referred to join because it is a mutual exchange and seemed like a fabulous idea. She also lives in a city of extremely high demand and the sitters that asked for the funds were wanting to visit just to go to the particularly large tourist park where she lives. She was horrified by the applications she received.

All I can give you is my opinion and the THS rules but if it were me? :person_gesturing_no::person_gesturing_no::person_gesturing_no::person_gesturing_no: A definite no. Best of luck in what you decide but I’m sure there is a far better and less rude sitter out there for you. As I said previously, if you can’t afford to travel, you can’t afford to sit.


Bottom line: there are ALWAYS going to be people who abuse ANY situation. THS is a win/win platform - not for people who want to make a business out of pet sitting OR for people who want to exploit free labor.
The rules are clear, and they should be respected.
If they aren’t THS should have a simple and easy system for documenting abuses.
That said, the good news is the vast majority of HOs and Sitters on THS understand the benefits to both sides and are happy to engage in a fair exchange.
Many HO have invited us to have a meal with them (or even taken us out!). We appreciate that as a warm welcome. In return, we often prepare a meal for their return or leave them fresh veg, fruit, diary, baked goods - whatever makes sense so that when they get home they can relax.
IMHO just the kind of courtesies a host/guest does normally.


If they are asking for money, then that’s not good

I always offer to pick up and drop off anywhere (within 30 miles) I also supply all food (and drink) while they’re at my home

That’s what I felt. This person said they were a dog trainer and whilst they didn’t charge for their services they’d appreciate me laying fit their petrol . I don’t need a dog trainer, my dogs are very well trained, I got the impression that he thought because he was a dog trainer he should be paid something too

Avoid him, the brilliant thing about THS is the feel-good-nature of the site, it’s simply nice to be nice. He doesn’t seem to match the kind-hearted reason we are all on this site for.

We never paid SITTER but we ensured there was a meal in the fridge - a roast chicken . And we took them out for a meal on our return!

This sitter is breaking the rules of THS. Therefore: NOT trustworthy. Please do not accept this sitter. If you need to pay for a sitter, there are honest sitters you can pay. If you have time to repost and maybe spruce up or fix something in your listing – forum members can help you write a better listing. emphasised text