Do Owners See if You Have Saved their Sit?

Do HO see that you have saved their sit? I ask because I have been browsing for a sit for April and saved a few to look at nearer the time in case they have appropriate dates. The next day I received an invitation from one of them. It can’t surely be a coincidence as the sit was not near to us, 5 hour journey away. I don’t mind but would just like to know that HO’s are seeing it as some are just speculative and I would not like to raise expectations.


Yes, they do (not sure if they need to be premium members).

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Hi @anneka thanking @Ketch for this one …

Update … Member helping Member :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yes, we (home-owners) can see who has saved our listings. And no the home-owner doesnt need to have a premium membership. Eg, nine sitters have saved mine. I have ‘favourited’ [clicked on the red heart on their profile] the ones I think would actually be a good match.


Thank you @Ketch … will let Lucy step down on this one :wink:

Thank you for clarifying that. I did not know and was therefore clicking save on quite a lot, but probably will be more circumspect from now on. As it happens the one who replied was one we were very interested in and we have agreed if they need a house sitter around the dates we are looking for in April then they can contact us direct on THS so a good outcome.