Do you prefer the Welcome Guide or Word doc?

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Why not the best of both worlds?
It looks like some like and appreciate the guide, while others would like a downloadable .pdf/word.

Make the guide with a download .pdf button and everyone gets something.


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I prefer welcome guide

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We ask the Owners to leave a printed copy which most do as a matter of course. You never know when the internet may go down particularly in an emergency. We always put emergency contact numbers in our phone too in case something happens and we can’t get back to the pets. Call us Doom & Gloom !!! :grinning:


I dislike the online welcome guide and send my own list to houseowners by email. All my reasons have been stated by the first post and later ones. In case of emergency there must be a paper document to get at - it has happened to me that wifi broke and there was no access to the online thing.


I have just joined THS as an owner and I’m working on my first listing. I would love to have your template as I want to give a potential sitter as much info as possible.

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We find that probably 90% of our housesits don’t fill in the welcome guide online and just provide their own documents.

We would actually prefer the homeowners to fill in one online (but perhaps with a printable version as suggested) but for some reason they hardly ever do. I also like @Kelownagurl’s suggestion of a place where HO’s can upload their own documentation.

Like others have said, we have a checklist with the important information that we know that we will need to know (e.g feeding routines, walks, any medication, bin days, contact info etc…)


Could THS make it mandatory for the HO to provide a guide?
I undertook a long sit recently where the HO promised a guide but never provided it. There was a major problem with the power going off, luckily one of the doorman helped me out. Aside from the power board inside the apartment, their was another in the basement and that was the one that had tripped.

@KathyG , make sure you know where the breaker box, the main water shutoff valve and the fire extinguisher(s) are. Either ask them ahead of time by phone or email, when they take you on the house tour or via text as soon as you arrive. Yes, there are people that will not complete the Welcome Guide despite being requested to do so several times.

The host took me through all that when I arrived, without mentioning the second electricity board in the basement which could only be accessed by the portiere.
My preference is to receive the welcome guide before I arrive, go through it and ask questions when I’m being shown around, making sure I have a complete understanding of the house and pet(s).
TH should make it mandatory for HOs to provide a guide.

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