Do you prefer the Welcome Guide or Word doc?

I am trying to print the Welcome Guide as an owner. I initially was able to select print but closed to add another piece of info. I no longer have the print option and it says I must confirm sitter before printing. All of my sitters are confirmed already. Any clues?

Hi @claudinekent I’ll tag @Therese-MembershipService and she’ll take a look at your account and be able to assist you when she’s next online.

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I actually was able to get it to print while attempting to amend sitter dates. I unconfirmed sitters and when they were confirmed again, I was able to print. However, I was never successful at amending the pet sit dates for two upcoming sits via the steps as I understand them. The only way I was able to amend the dates was to do a public posting, confirm sitters and then invite them to a private sit with new dates. This does not seem like how it should work so I gave up on doing it for the other sitter dates. We mutually agreed we were ok to leave it as is. I would prefer to have the dates correct if anything were to go wrong and we needed to utilize insurance benefits, but I gave up after spending hours trying to get what I needed from the THS site. It really is not user friendly and I do not know anyone who has anything positive to say about it. It seems upgrades or a completely new software system would be money well invested.

Thank you for replying.



Hi @claudinekent I am so sorry you have been having issues. I have emailed you directly from membership services so I help adjust the dates. Kind regards Therese