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Greetings. I’m headed to a house it soon and they have not completed their welcome guide. Shouldn’t we have additional opportunities to request the welcome guide via the request button?? Please advise.

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The HO might not be aware of the process. While they may have updated the Welcome Guide and you have made the request, the HO needs to click the green “Share Welcome Guide” button … which sits at the bottom of the page (can be easily missed).

Perhaps a follow up message is needed.


Hi @Lizindesun … if your owners haven’t shared any information with you, the best thing to do is to send a message asking if they’ve completed the guide, or if they have a guide for when you arrive. Some home owners have a printed guide, especially if they are long term members, as the welcome guide is relatively new. We usually ask about this during our pre-sit chat or messaging, because as @PetSitterBug mentions, sometimes newer members aren’t aware of the process. A quick message should clear this up for you though. Good luck :slight_smile:


As @Vanessa-Admin says, some HO don’t know they have to actually share it with their sitters each time.
I happened to ask for a welcome guide for one of my future sits earlier on today and the HO thought that it was automatically visible on her profile.


There is actually a known problem with the website regarding sharing the Welcome Guide…… the share button never appeared for me when I wanted to share it with my confirmed sitter, it just kept telling me that I needed to confirm a sitter, even though the sitter was shown as confirmed! Luckily between Angela on here and member services we managed to get it shared to them……

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Can someone help me?? I don’t even have a button/request option, and I have TWO homeowners asking the same thing! Help?? I’ve alreadyrequested this once but no response?!?

If you haven’t heard from your homeowner with the guide, send them a follow on message requesting it, after all it’s so you can take best care of their home and pets, so really is in their interest. I always apologise that I’ve heard it’s a pain to fill out, not that I have any personal experience, but they only have to do it once.
If they’ve filled it out and can’t share it with you there does seem to be a bit of a problem occasionally. The sit we are currently on struggled. There is another forum thread that had suggestions from members, and @Angela-CommunityManager too I think from which I cut and pasted various things to them. I had the guide within a few minutes, so something worked.
Have a look for that thread if you can