Welcome Guide Share Button Missing - How do I share?

The button to share the welcome guide is missing even though my sitter is confirmed. I submitted a query, but I need to get this information to my sitter. Is there another way to share? Is there a way to export the information.

Is anyone else seeing this?


i have share this link with previous HOs:

Once you populate the Welcome Guide, you then need to click the green “Share Welcome Guide” button … which sits at the bottom of the page (can be easily missed).

Also, I tried on Safari and Chrome and the behavior is the same on both.

The problem is that the button is missing. I think it’s a bug. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I had to unconfirm and hired a second sitter. So is there another way to share when the button isn’t properly rendered?

Hi @mwyllie and welcome to the forum, although because of a frustrating reason. I’m going to tag @Lucy-B who will take a look at your account when she’s next online.

In the interim, may I suggest that you check your listing and make sure that the dates are NOT displaying? If they are are not, then you can at least be sure that the process of confirming the sitter processed correctly. Sometimes that is a hiccup that goes unnoticed, that’s all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Snowbird and hello @mwyllie I am more than happy to help with this.

I am going to email you directly from Membership Services so I can get some extra information to assist. However, having had a brief look I do think @Snowbird might have the right idea as I can’t currently see a sitter confirmed.

Do keep an eye out for my email and we can get to the bottom of this.


I now have a new sitter confirmed, and once again, there is no button to share the welcome guide.

@mwyllie Although I don’t have access to see an owner’s options, my understanding is that you edit the welcome guide and then there should be a green button at the bottom of the page, ‘Share Welcome Guide’. Can you please click on that ‘Edit welcome guide’ option and look for that?

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Sorry for the confusion here. My sitter Chanel informed me that she had to cancel on me so she is now unconfirmed.
I hope to have a new sitter confirmed shortly. I’ll follow up then to see if the problem persists.

I have a confirmed sitter for a sit starting Monday Aug 15th. I have a completed Welcome Guide, which I shared with my previous sitter just fine (I think she may have sent a request for it though).

I am completely unable to find how to share the Welcome Guide for this upcoming sit. I have looked at the Help section and there is NO link to share it where the Help section says it should be. I have tried both on the website and on the app. I have searched the Forum, where it was suggest that if I go into the Welcome Guide there is a link on that page, but there is NOT any link there. I have tried using Chrome and Bing. I have sent a message to the sitter requesting that she send me an official request to share the Welcome Guide, but I should not have to do this . Again, this is a confirmed sitter, so that isn’t the issue.

I am wasting all sorts of time on this that I need for packing and prep! Please help!

Hi @kooms I can understand your frustration you have obviously read the information on the Help Center, I have also checked your account and see exactly the same as you …

However in this screen shot "Please Note if the "Share Welcome Guide " button is not visible on your Dashboard this means the Guide has already been shared.

Meanwhile if you continue to have issues with this I will tag a member of the MS team to pick this up when they are back online.

I have moved your question to this topic which is asking the same question.