Welcome guide frustration!

WHERE is the link to send the Welcome Guide to a private sitter?

When you say private sitter do you mean someone external to THS ?

You can only share if they are a confirmed sit on your dashboard and It depends whether you are using the app or the website. Here’s the link on how to do it :

If you are a petowner, you can go to your dashboard. Go to Edit your Welcome Guide. From there you’ll see a print button. In addition to printing it, you could print it as a PDF giving you access to share the PDF with anyone you want.

I made my own welcome guide, on my own computer. We also host cyclist through the warmshowers.org network and a lot of it is relevant for them too. And we have a poor internet connection, so I use as few online applications as possible.

I mean a private invitation to a THS registered sitter via the website. I see now that a private invitation needs to be “confirmed” as well which was not at all obvious to me. I don’t see anything in the HELP section that describes it as a requirement. All conversation was done through website messaging including agreeing between us to the sit. The only reason for confirming a sit via a private invitation is for THS data collection purposes which may be necessary for some other website functions BUT SHOULD BE DOCUMENTED. I find THS user interfaces lack logic and intuitiveness. It’s a continual exercise in frustration and their coders need some formal training in it.

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Thanks, hadn’t though of that and it’s how I’ll proceed in the future. THS must have designed their website at the pub.

Another great idea, thanks!

Yes it is a process!
HO: Invite to APPLY for private dates
Sitter: declines or accepts invitiation to APPLY for dates
HO: Confirms sitter who APPLIED
Sitter: Confirms the sit.

If you miss a step the sit is NOT official.

Just replying to any reactions to what I wrote. I agree the steps seem confusing in part because there aren’t prompts. Nothing is clear in a user-friendly way. I’ve invited sitters who think they are confirmed! I’ve read about sits that happened but weren’t confirmed because both parties thought they were.

HOWEVER, I understand why you invite someone to apply and why there are 4 steps. Maybe there are five sitters who have favorited the sit, and you’d like a chance to talk to each one to see maybe who can do it before you decide who SHOULD do it. Instead of going through one by one with emails and waiting for a response, you can send out five invitations. People might get back to you (which is one way to be able to communicate in the future) with a “Sorry, can’t do those dates.” OR they might be interested, but you still don’t know them beyond the profile, so you can still arrange the video chat and even interview other sitters before making a decision. From a sitter’s perspective maybe you favorited the listing because of the location and you are very interested, but you really want to make sure of something before you commit, so accepting the invitation doesn’t commit you yet. You can still have the video chat to make sure the sit will work for you.

I think the system would be greatly improved if there was some kind of explanation for both sitters and HOs about how the private invitation works as well as system prompts/messages letting both parties know where they are in the process, and the steps to complete the process.

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