How do I send details requested to Housesitter?

First timer here:
I have filled out the important details of our home as requested.
How does this information get to our House sitter?
Is there a send button ?
Does this person have access to my page, and goes in on his/her own to read it?
Yes I have printed it out for them too.
Thank you

I believe you are referring to the Welcome Guide?

You need to click the green “Share Welcome Guide” button … which sits at the bottom of the page (can be easily missed).

Your confirmed sitter will receive notification you have shared the Welcome Guide and then be able to access the Welcome Guide immediately, as well as for the duration of the sit.


Hi @Penni I’ve been into the system to check the sharing of the Welcome Guide to you sitter and will ask the Customer Services Team to check on this tomorrow for you … they will email just to confirm that it has been shared.

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Also, does it get shared automatically?

Penni the Welcome Guide is shared from your dashboard, please don’t concern yourself with this. You can message your sitter and explain that our team will look into this for you …

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