Does refer a friend link work for someone who has a free account?

I sent a friend my referral link but she said since she had already signed up (but just to browse, had not paid) the link didn’t work for her. She said she got a message she had to sign up with a different email address. But she only uses one email address.

Is there any way for her to get the referral so she can get the discount and I can get the two month bonus? I am both a sitter and an owner, she wants to join as an owner.

This has happened to me a few times if you tell someone about the site and they go in and look and then you send the link, it doesn’t recognise it as it has already registered them as a site visitor. I think they have to have paid. The site will have offered discount usually. I contacted Membership Services, gave them name, address and email and it was sorted. It should be recorded who you sent link too.

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If they have the free one they can use the referral code instead of the link when they upgrade there membership they can add your code