Does TH Share metrics?

I’ve seen some questions asked about “premium cities, etc” and I actually think it would be amazing to get insights into the metrics and trends of how we as a community are utilising the platform…does anyone know if something like this exists?

It would be stuff like:

  • where do most HS come from?
  • what are cities get the highest requests? And the highest number of applications?
  • where do most HOs come from?
  • what’s the average time for sit posting to confirmed?
  • etc.

I’m also curious, what other insights or metrics would you want to know as TH users?


Hi @bakindoki

This is such an interesting idea!

I don’t have direct access to the data, but I’m wondering if it’s something we might be able to get hold of, in order to share a sort of “facts and figures” post for anyone that’s interested.

I can’t promise anything, but leave this with me, and I’ll see what the team say.