Dog Chocolate Toxicity Calculator

I came across this excellent resource, and wanted to share it with all the pet lovers on THS. If your dog manages to consume a bit of chocolate, it’s hugely helpful to know whether you have an emergency on your hands. You just enter your dog’s weight, the type of chocolate product, and how much of it they ate, and the calculator tells you the dosage of methylxanthine they ingested and the likely outcome.

Your 20-lb dog ate 2 oz of milk chocolate? The dog will be fine.
Your 40-lb dog ate 2 oz of baking chocolate? Find help immediately! Your dog may have seizures.

Of course you may want to consult a vet in any case, depending on your situation. But this calculator is enormously helpful at sorting out the urgency of your response.

@betsy thank you for sharing this informative piece, especially during the Holiday season when we tend to have more goodies sitting around our homes than usual…