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Hello All
I have downloaded the THS app onto my android phone. It keeps crashing and closing for a few days now.
I prefer to use my computer anyway…so…has anyone downloaded the app onto their PC?
I did a search and it seems like an interesting process of downloading other software to run the THS app on a PC; a bit weary of “software downloads.”

Hi @HelloOutThere
I did check with the tech team on this, and this was their answer, assuming this relates to the running of Android Apps on Windows.

''THS app does not support this, but this Microsoft article explains it a bit more

Use apps from your Android device on your PC - Microsoft Support

With the Phone Link app on your PC, you can open and use apps from your Android device.

I hope this helps.
Best wishes

Thanks for the efforts! I will check this out!

Hi @HelloOutThere. Curious if @Therese-Moderator’s suggestion works. First if it works at all, and then if maybe running on PC solves the crash issues (e.g., because of more RAM). There are also Android emulators like Bluestacks, but yes that would be a “software download.”

I think many members who have Android (vs iPhone) do a hybrid: mobile web or desktop web for most things, and then the Android app just when necessary (e.g., looking at non-reviews, notifications).

I have only iOS devices, but I still prefer using the TH website (vs Apple app). Even though the Apple TH app is at least stable…

Hi there
I did some reading on blue stack. Downloaded it on to my PC from their web site and then opened THS app in blue stack.

THS app loads to about a bigger sized phone. Wasn’t expecting that.
So it doesn’t give a full desktop experience.

Still more comfortable using a keyboard and mouse for long searches.

The THS on my phone has stopped crashing for now. But having the desk top set up now will be a back up if the app is funky on my phone. But… That’s not to say that the app wouldn’t be crashing on my desktop as well if it’s having problems on my phone…

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Well, I’m glad it at least seems to work. To clarify for others:

  • Bluestacks is a free Android emulator. People most often use it to play Android games on their PC. You can look on their website for reasons why people might do this:
  • When using Bluestacks, you should be able to use your keyboard and mouse. So it can be faster than typing on a real Android phone.
  • If someone runs into issues with the TH app crashing on their Android phone, they could try Bluestacks on their PC and see if it still crashes. Whether it does or not, that info could be helpful to report to the TH tech team to help them debug.
    • And personally I’m curious if Bluestacks works next time the app crashes on your phone.
  • Remember that on your smartphone, you should also be able to use your web browser and go to the TH website. It certainly works on Apple devices.
    • And on your PC/Mac, you can also use the TH website. That’s my preference.
  • In summary, if you have a smartphone and a computer, you have four ways to test TH functionality:
    1. TH app on phone
    2. TH website on phone
    3. TH website on computer
    4. (TH app on computer via an emulator like Bluestacks) (not officially supported, but it’s a tool in your toolbox)
  • Of course, some things can be done only in the TH app, and vice versa. Search the forums for relevant topics.

Glad your phone has stopped crashing for now!

What he said!!!

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