Eden Prairie, Minnesota

A suburb of Minneapolis AKA The Twin Cities due to proximity of Minneapolis and St.Paul, the capital of this Northern midwestern state.
My sit here is 3 months and I am on my second month now.
The city has shuttles, trains, buses and Uber services. My HO picked me up and took me shopping and I am having groceries delivered.
There are two cars available and many contacts and neighbors should I need them.
I have not required either.
I prefer to walk and I am thoroughly enjoying the color and sounds of this beautiful part of the country.

Yes I put my feet up in the air and wave them like I just don’t care.

There are numerous trails and lakes where I have seen swans and other water birds.
This one is known as the Minnesota River Bluffs regional trail and it’s 19 miles long.


Very cool. And love those red boots! :wink:

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What stunning pics @Amparo and a great travelogue … thank you for taking us on a seasonal trip around Minnesota :heart_eyes:

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I worked in St Paul from 1977-91 and traveled around the area. The fall colors are wonderful.
Did a great sit with a pair of big dogs in Shakopee just as things were shutting down with covid restrictions in March 2020.
And will be sitting in Eden Prairie near Purgatory Creek 19 Oct-Nov 3 with a pair of small dogs and a cockatiel. Maybe we can get together for coffee.
Right now I’m in Friday Harbor on the San Juan Islands of Washington - some leaf color, but mostly pretty green as it doesn’t get too cold here.
Take care.


Send me a message and we shall see when you are here. Purgatory Creek is 2 miles from where I am.

Smokin hot dish is hidden on the lower floor of an office building

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Just had a wonderful lunch at Smokin Hot Dish with one very kind, intelligent human being and TrustedHousesitter.
Great stimulating conversation and a pleasure to meet you @toml

Good day for a walk and great company.


Really enjoyed our lunch. Good food and good conversation!


I did too, very much. Keep in touch.