Email alerts not accurate

Just decided to do a search in an area I keep an eye on and there is a home I saved that has a listing.
I did not get an email alert for this home I saved.

I did get an email alert for an area I saved with a specific date range but the listing was for a different month not at all related to my saved date range.

I’ll do mannual searches for the specific date range, as I do not trust the alerts, unless I’m missing something…

Hello, @HelloOutThere Thank you for alerting us to this issue. I will pass it on to the Membership Services team as they will be able to look into this further and view your saved searches and what emails you are receiving. Please keep an eye out for their email :slight_smile:

Sounds good.
Thank you.

Hello, @HelloOutThere I just wanted to update you that I have previously passed your details to the Membership Services team (when you originally posted).

Just to clarify (and might be helpful to others reading :grin:) the saved searches that you have saved via the website will receive email notifications. However, if you are referring to individual listings that you have favourited then only listings favourited on the App will get notifications. If you favourite a listing on the website then these do not currently trigger an email.

That seems to be in alignment with your post, however, please feel free to ask any more questions and also can assist further. Thank you

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That seems to be accurate based on my results.
Thanks for the follow up.

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