Emails from Trusted Housesitters

If I unsubscribe from promotional emails from Trusted Housesitters (like “Refer a Friend” emails) does that mean I am also unsubscribing from the emails informing me of Saved Search sits?

Hi @CDunn,

This is a very good question! I am a new forum moderator so I am not :100: sure. I’m tagging @Snowbird and @Angela-HeadOfCommunity who will know the correct answer. My assumption would be that unsubscribing from the promotional emails takes you off all marketing related emails but not the emails related to your direct account. Thank you for asking as I would also like to know the answer.


Hello @CDunn and thanks for tagging me, @Kelly-Moderator. There is currently only the option of opting in or out from emails, with no breakdown of designating certain categories. This is the wording:

I did ask for clarification recently in that the ‘daily sit alerts’ does refer to saved searches that generate the daily emails.

The product development team do read these posts and so will see this discussion, so thank you for asking the question.

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Thank you @Kelly-Moderator & @CDunn @Snowbird is absolutely right there is opt in or opt out and no further choices, which is how most CRM systems work.