Opting out of daily emails?

I would like to turn off the spigot of reminders about holiday house-sits. It’s not like getting the tenth one of these emails is going to suddenly make me decide to throw out all my holiday plans and go house-sit somewhere. Likewise with the “tell a friend” reminders. I get it. I don’t have to hear about this promotion every few days.

If I uncheck the box under “contact settings” which invites “daily sit alerts, news, updates and exclusive offers,” will I still be notified of new dates posted by pet owners whom I’ve favorited?

Also, I gather that unchecking this box will also block THS newsletters and updates, which is unfortunate if true. But if the price of receiving actual THS news is to be bombarded with irrelevant daily ads, then I guess I’ll go without the news. But it IS important to me to be notified of new dates on favorited house-sits.


@Betsy, I agree with you about the bombardment of emails that repeatedly cover the same promotions.

I have submitted a suggestion in the past that the email option should not be a simple opt in or opt out. There are many subscription services where they list various aspects of what they cover and you select some or all of the options. I certainly think that would be an improvement.


@Snowbird @Betsy It’s interesting how we are being bombarded with these promotional emails yet when we wanted the 5 applicant pause information sent out to all members, we were informed emails were not the best form of communication to do this!


Hi @Betsy
I wanted to confirm with you, that when you uncheck the box in contact settings, this will stop all promotional emails sent to you. You will, however, still receive other ‘transactional emails’ which include, invites to sits and messages. Your ‘favourite’ listings will be sent as a notification to your phone, so it is important to make sure you have the App and your push notifications on
I hope this helps clarify a bit better.

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Thanks, Therese!