Empty Nester Couple Turned Full time Travelers

Hello All! Stephen and I joined TH 8 months ago in preparation for our year abroad. We recently sold everything we owned, and moved into a tiny traveler trailer for 3 months and traveled the US. We had our first housesit in July in TN and we were lucky to have HO who allowed us to park our trailer for a week in their frontyard while we watched their dogs. It was wonderful.

I am currently in England on our 5 housesit. We left Scotland last night and before that were in Ireland. We are doing a month long housesit in Spain and have already been invited and confirmed to sit in Switzerland and Luxembourg over the holidays. I am so grateful to TH and the opportunities we have had so far to take care of other pets and homes.

What a gift we are giving others to give them peace of mind while they travel. We continue to make this full time and with our flexibility in our lives we think we can.

Its great to be apart of this forum and to learn from others. Is there ever a time that TH get together when we learn we are in the same areas? Meetups if you will? Would love to connect with others in our tribe!

Many thanks and travel on…


Welcome Gina!! Wow, that is awesome and I think its great what you are doing. I can imagine doing the same thing some day! Looking forward to hearing more about your successes and challenges.

Best wishes for you.

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Hi Gina, welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to our community forum, what a wonderful introduction into your life with THS … so far. I’m sure there is much more to come and we look at being part of that and sharing in your new found travel freedom.

Pets, people and places, the recipe for a great pet sitting lifestyle choice. Enjoy the conversations, connecting with our members from around the world and exchanging special experiences and memories.

Angela and the Team

Fabulous @gnsthorne! Welcome!
Full timer here since 2018. It’s a wonderful life!
Enjoy and please share your pics and stories.

I am in the USA currently. Was blessed to be in :uk: and Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and parts of Europe for over two years!
Can’t wait to cross over come Apri.

Happy travels!

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