Estate Planning Should Include Pets

A repeat house sit of ours just asked if we could come back this year - we can’t which is very sad, but the homeowner then asked if we would be official “god parents” to their kitty should anything happen to them.

I’ve never been so honored in all my life, honestly! They are sending paperwork over this week to make it official.

“He will miss you guys - I mean he’s a cat so he won’t actually know you’re not coming - but deep in his kitty brain he’ll see the Xmas tree go up and wonder where you are. He absolutely adores you both.
In fact if anything ever happens to us, we were hoping that we could put you down as first on the list to adopt him. I hope that’s not weird to ask that? If you don’t have a set place and you’re traveling we would understand you not taking him, but honestly there is no-one else we would rather be on the “adopt” list than you two. We love the little guy more than anyone/anything so we’ve started to think about what would actually happen to him.”

It turns out that this is a big reason pets get sent into adoption/shelters - their people die and there is no provision for them going forward. Makes me so sad to think about, but please please include your pets in your estate planning!




This is a beautiful gesture @GoZacGo you must feel honored and perhaps a little overwhelmed (in a good way of course)

You are so right it’s often the one thing which gets overlooked and not on purpose we’re sure, it’s just the way life happens sometimes and what a relief it must be when Pet Parents realise that their precious family members will be kept furrever safe and happy with new furrever families and I’m sure kitty approves, or will do. :cat:

Where is kitties home now?

Thank you for sharing Zac


Kitty is in LA - he is such a special one, as are the homeowners and the home itself. I truly hope nothing happen to necessitate our adoption of the kitty, but so truly honored!

The message made my day. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your suggestions and insight into this serious issue. The sit we wrapped up earlier this week, had a sweet kitty, who had been taken in by the family, when the Mom had passed. She is such a laid back little lady, and we could see she is thoroughly enjoying life with her adopted extended-family situation.

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