EV charging and reimbursing hosts

We are currently on a month long sit in France at a beautiful property. Because the sit is so long and in the countryside I have been charging our car every now and then at the house (with permission of the HO). I would like to reimburse the HO at the end of the sit and my plan is to calculate the the extra power usage by the local rates and pay them cash. Is this the best approach or has someone else experienced this? Thanks in advance.


How about you ask the HOs what they’d prefer?


This is very thoughtful of you to offer to do this, but I would discuss with the HO to see if they really want you to do that. Remember, you are sitting for them, caring for their pets and home, and they may feel this extra expense is justified with what you offer.


I’ve done 2 sits with car use included for EVs - a Toyota plugin hybrid and a Tesla. In both cases the HOs allowed use of the car and I just made sure it was charged when they returned. Of course I didn’t put lots of miles on either. The Tesla I put about 100 miles on over 2 weeks because I drove it to donate platelets.
When folks let me drive their gas powered cars I fill the tank to where it was left with me.