Charging an EV - Amenity?

I drive an EV, I have come across a number of homes recently that have charging - which is amazing!

I have gone with an estimate of the usage, and their tariff (or smart meter display) and asked to repay that.
This is of course outside the THS terms about contributing to utilities - as it is like kind of the opposite of being asked the HO listing as discussed at length in this post Paying Utilities on a sit

Having an EV charger is super useful, but I would never expect the HO to pay for fuel, so Electric for that either.
What have been others experience?
Many homes with Solar, time of use tariff, smart appliances?
Many sitters with EVs?

I love the sit I have done 5 times now with Solar, EV charger and night tariff - is the cheapest I have ever been able to fill up the car at about £8 a total fill, in comparison to £50 at a motorway services, or £30 at a light post charger.
I mean as an EV driver, I would love to see EVCs know who you are when you plug in, and then charge back to your own utility bill, but hey, then it would be a Tesla, and I only have an Eniro :wink:

Love to know your thoughts.