EVs and Plug In Hybrids

This topic has recently become of interest to me as we have just purchased a plug in hybrid, and as the world is beginning to transition to EVs, I wonder if HOs might want to start mentioning charging capabilities in their listings? For example, they could mention if they happen to have a regular 120V outlet in their car parking area available for PHEV owners, or even a home EV charging station for either PHEV or EV owners?

To be honest, for most of our travels, we are in rental cars, so generally using gas (petrol), but if we do closer sits from home, we travel in our PHEV, so knowing there is a regular power outlet in the garage or parking spot would be such a bonus.

The nice thing about PHEVs though is that we can drive on gas if we aren’t able to charge it, and of course, we can always find a charge point in the community if we want to. But having a spot to plug it in when we are on a sit would make life a lot simpler.


Hi @Kelownagurl Interesting point, and going forward I think you’re right, maybe it could be one of the categories mentioned in the listing template…… think it’ll be awhile before I’d recommend an EV out in our neck of the woods though…


Yeah, we’re not quite ready for a full EV yet either. But our PHEV seems to be just the ticket as a transition vehicle.

Great idea! Thank you for bringing this up! I also have a full electric car since March and I charge it at home using a wall box, which we installed especially for this purpose.
I put it right into my listing, also that there are several charging spots around the corner.


Oh that’s great to hear. I suspect eventually it will be become an important part of every listing.

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Definitely! We also have a wall box for charging the car at home with an extra long extension cable. Additionally, there are several charging spots within a few minutes walking distance.
I put it in my listing just now.