Explore Brighton, England While Pet & House Sitting

What to do in Brighton while house and pet sitting

Tucked on England’s southern coast, Brighton rose to prominence as a favoured seaside resort for holidaying Victorians, and it still retains much of that 19th-century charm in buildings like the Royal Pavilion and Booth Museum.

TrustedHousesitters do you know what else Brighton is famous for?

I wandered to the tourist info page & Brighton has the oldest electric railway.https://www.visitbrighton.com/

Rudyard Kipling lived there from 1897-1902

Like everything in the UK, there’s just the enticement of juicy history :sunglasses:

We have 3 back to back bookings in Brighton June -September so this will come in handy - Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager

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Hoping to visit/sit in Brighton when we are in the UK at the end of this year. Thanks for sharing @Angela-CommunityManager