Facebook recommendation for THS

OK this is a weird one - I posted a recommendation on a local FB site for THS and a woman has launched a tirade of accusations about ‘bad things happening with THS, issues with THS, she ‘knows’ of people who have had a bad experience etc…. I’m assuming it’s some kind of defamation in order to point the poster to paid services but I’m pretty cross about it - she’s never used the site as an owner or sitter. I’ve done my best to fight back but I’m pretty cross about it - should I just chill out?

Basically yes, you should :wink:
It’s social media, is it really worth spending your energy and time fighting with strangers?
But I get your point, sometimes you just can’t help it…

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I would let it go, though I know this is difficult. Unless you work for THS public relations team, this woman’s opinion doesn’t need to be your problem.

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I’ve reported it to THS, with a copy of screen shots and comments - I guess they’ll take it up with her if the think it’s worth pursuing. I shouldn’t get sucked in I know but resent the accusation that I don’t care for my pets because I let ‘strangers from across the world’ care for them

@Chortlepuss I’m a little confused I’m sorry. If this person isn’t on THS and never has been, either as a HO or a sitter, what/who are you reporting to THS??? They won’t be interested in anything outside of their company and their actual paid members. I think you need to forget about such stuff on a public social media site such as Facebook, it isn’t really your concern or THS’s concern. Yes, you should chill.


@Chortlepuss While there is not much I can do about this situation I just wanted to jump on and say thank you for sharing and advocating for THS! :smiling_face:

Have a lovely weekend!

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