Feedback question

When leaving feedback for our completed sits, after completing our feedback and giving our 'thumbs up, what does this last sentence mean and why is it there?

You can also rate them for looking after your pets. If you don’t have pets, please don’t leave a pet care rating.

Hi @Colin this was added for owners who had a sit without pets when reviewing sitters … it does not apply to sitters.

Product are looking into its positioning.

So are the HO review and the sitter feedback forms exactly the same form or has this sentence just been added to the sitter feedback form by mistake and is missing from the HO review form?

@Colin this sentence is on the owner review it is an advisory if owners do not have pets.

Yes, it seems pretty self-explanatory

This is a random sentence placed beneath a sitters feedback sheet. It obviously should not be there. Who is ‘them’? Where is there the opportunity to leave a pet care rating? If I did have a pet, why would the HO be looking after it? It’s not self-explanatory at all - it’s confusing!

It can be confusing as you say, Product are looking at this @Colin … thank you