Filter/display favorite sits with active dates in web interface

I use the TH web interface exclusively (don’t have the app). I have a lot of schedule flexibility but very specific location interests, so I have marked a lot of favorites that don’t have any active dates at the moment. I assumed that once they post dates, I’d be able to see that in the “favorites” list. But I just added a favorite that DOES have active dates, and it appears no different in the list than all the others!

I know TH is supposed to email me when one of my favorites posts new dates, but I’ve never gotten such an email before (and I get normal message notification emails just fine), so I’m a bit worried it’s not working.

I’d love to be able to see availability for all my favorites in one place, instead of having to click through to each one to check if they even have a live listing!

That’s where the app might help, you can set up alerts for favourite searches and listings @Emily17 and they come in once an hour (I think that’s right) - we never get email reminders for any saved searches so they’re hopeless :pensive:

The funny thing is, i get alerts for saved searches, but have never received them for favorites. Plenty of basic functionality that needs fixing on the site and app. Hope the new owners inject cash into upgrading / fixing stuff.