Finding a Pet Sitter ? More than one invite

Hi@tombell13 I have now put up your photo so it now looks correct. As a Classic member, one does not have the the boost facility under this membership, so hence you not finding it.
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Hi @tombell13 I have done a search and from my side, your listing does come up for Devon, Okehampton and Chagford, so everything is looking correct.
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I must be losing my mind! Haha! Here’s a pic of what I see -

Ahhhh, have to do it from the pc! Looks like it’s not available on the app. Thank you!

Hi @SunshineNCoastlines Yes, that is correct and I have brought it to the attention of the product team.
Please do keep in close touch with our membership services if you need help.
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Colin, how do I connect my listing to my forum profile? I can’t find a straightforward way/place to do it. Please advise.

Hi @AR-W - instructions here:


@AR-W - For clear instructions use the link that @Ketch has attached.

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Hi @AR-W … I have added the link for you.

As always, thank you @Ketch and @Colin for your help

My vacation is in 4 weeks. I’ve already used my boost and I’m starting to invite those who have saved my listing but I am getting very worried. I will continue to search and invite when I can but it’s very time consuming and I don’t always have that much time. I didn’t have this problem with my first listing last year. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong this time around or it’s Covid? I’m reading that some owners have contacted 80+ sitters before they found 1 willing to sit for them? Another Owner had to take their pets with them? Many just canceled their trips? How can we fix this problem?

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Hi @Jenann You’ve touched on some of the key issues that everyone has been experiencing for some time now. You may want to read the post on Sitter/Owner Ratios - Helping to Redress the Balance, including Angela’s 10 tips for a successful listing.

I see that you’ve added your listing to your username here, which is good. Forum members can review it and often give constructive feedback.

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Hi Snowbird

Thank you for suggesting the article regarding adjusting the balance. It makes sense and explains a lot. I was actually thinking that maybe it was the cost of airfare that might be keeping some sitters away. It has skyrocketed (no pun intended) here in the states so I can’t even imagine what the cost may be to travel internationally.

I checked out the 10 tips article awhile ago and made a few changes to my listing.

I’m not giving up! I’m praying my sitter is out there and we will make a connection soon!

Any feedback (good, bad, or otherwise) regarding my listing will be graciously accepted!
Thank You

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We booked flights to the UK and they had gone up a bit but not a lot (last time we flew there was fall 2019), but car rentals are 3+ times the amount we paid on our last 3-4 trips. So - if it’s possible for sitters to use your car, that might be a bonus draw.

Just some thoughts from an experienced home and petsitter who has been invited to sits, to me receiving a personal invitation that shows that the person has looked at my profile and hopes to have me personally sit for them makes a really good impression and does make me much more inclined to follow up and accept a sit where possible. I write personal notes to anyone I offer to sit for, as well.

Also, my big advice even beyond photos etc is to be friendly. Like, above all. In our area, pet sitters can cost about $100/day. It’s a very valuable service. Even for people who can easily spare the funds, finding someone trustworthy who loves animals and will take good care of your home, property, and pets for free merits some sincere appreciation. Paying for a sitter is the usual alternative, right? So being openly warm and appreciative of having this opportunity in communication from the beginning just really goes a long way.

And I do agree with others who have suggested requesting feedback from past sitters, if you’ve had any. Sitters who have had an enjoyable experience and been treated with regard will usually be happy to leave positive notes on your behalf and that is helpful to other prospective sitters, too.


Just to clarify, I meant to write that having a high integrity, pet living sitter is pretty much invaluable, (and a find even when you use paid sitters) so finding one for free — being genuinely friendly and appreciative is a huge part of the compensation. And it starts from the first hello.


Pet living :roll_eyes:

Loving, there we go…

you know you can edit posts, right? Rather than posting a series of corrections in new posts? It’s the little pencil icon.


Yes, building personal rapport goes a long way. We receive so many invitations without text, not mentioning our name (or mentioning only one name) or not reading the first sentence of our listing (which currently reads “fully booked”). We usually turn down invitations because we’re currently not available but there’s always a next time and we carefully look at the previous interaction with a HO.

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Aww where’s the fun in that. You get to see your name in print multiple times. :rofl: