First Timer-Full time- Cat On Board

Hey y’all
I am a human traveling with a cat.
I just got my first sit confirmed for September 6.
I am going full time Sept-November and will reevaluate then.
Will take any and all advice for newbies, traveling with a cat, driving across country, car maintenance, what to watch for and mistakes to avoid.
Thank you!


Welcome @catandhuman I look forward to hearing about your house sitting adventures with your cat .

What pets will be at your first sit ?

I don’t know how big your cat is, but I traveled cross country with a 3 ft. long iguana.

She was fine for most of the trip, and enjoyed hanging out in the sunny back window, but one time something freaked her out, and she scrambled from that back window through the whole car, and up into the compartment under the steering wheel. We were stuck for a couple of hours until we could get her out.

So my advice is, either keep your pet in a container, crate, whatever during the drive, or at least on a leash so they cannot reach the driver’s area!

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I am on a multi-month, cross-country (cross border, actually) car trip with sits along the way. I don’t bring an animal, but a little car advice: (1) Take an AirHawk in your trunk. I top off my tires every time I leave for a long drive. Very convenient. (2) Plan for oil changes. I’m well over 5000 miles on this trip and had mine changed not long ago. It’s easy to forget, so I keep an eye on it and plan ahead. (3) Use Amazon to ship things to your upcoming sits or to Amazon drop boxes along the way. I have replaced headlight bulbs and wipers blades this way. Also, if you have Rx that ship, plan in advance, as you will need to update your shipping address to wherever you will be each time they ship. (4) Farmers markets. Depending on where you are they may be scarce by November, but it’s a great way to meet locals in a new town, get local advice and buy great food and local items. (5) Small cooler, blue ice. Refreeze the ice at each sit. No wet ice needed. Large water bottles also work the same, just let a little out and squeeze the bottle before you freeze it so it can expand.


Hi @catandhuman Happy #Caturday

We have pet parent members who travel with their cat and share his adventures on IG

When they can’t take Cliffhanger with them he shares other adventures at home with his sitters … Also the @barbara.wood777 family of travelers, includes their furry member living his best life, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing in some of their adventures too.

Good luck and we look forward to sharing in your THS pet and housesitting journey :heart_eyes_cat: :clap: :blue_car:


What a cute cat and adorable name!

My first sit is just one dog.

Thank you! I will take these things into account. I have the inflator already, a jack, all the things. I will make sure to get an oil change before I start driving and a mechanic check up