For the Love of Bread

I bet we have lots of bread bakers out there! I adore bread!!

I made this dense Norwegian bread.

Sourdough anyone? I make this boule frequently in a cast iron Dutch oven.


You need to come to my house!

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Would you like to learn to make the bread, or just eat it? Happy to do a cooking lesson with anyone in San Francisco or Portland, Oregon area! The sourdough is ridiculously easy.


They both look delicious. Sourdough is kinder to my stomach than normal bread.


Anyone have thoughts on “Modernist Bread”?

I read “Modernist Cuisine” a while ago (ok, just part of it). It was certainly thought-provoking!

I don’t cook at all, but love great bread. In San Francisco, Tartine is so good that even after I moved away, I’d get their bread delivered to our company offices when I’d visit, so I could fly home with it for my husband and me. Then happily they started shipping it via Goldbelly. I also order bagels from NYC via Goldbelly. Can’t get bagels anywhere as good elsewhere.

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For those who may want to try their hand at bread baking but are nervous look up no Knead recipes on YouTube.


My husband worked at Microsoft at one point and we met Nathan Myhrvold at a party with a bunch of folks from there. Interesting guy.

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They look wonderful. The first one reminds me of rye bread. Which I ate a lot of as a kid (they thought I was allergic to many flours).
Btw I think it’s only fair to let your fellow THS fomites sample your wonderful breads! :wink:


I’d like to eat it! I love good bread! I tried with mixed success to keep a sourdough starter going during the height of covid.


I caught the bug after a sit where the HO left me some starter and a book. I also like to find recipes to use up discard and reduce waste. So far the flatbread and pancakes are very easy. I need to work on the pretzel making but they tasted good. My loaf scoring can be a bit hit or miss! Also realised that I don’t take many photos of my baking but have hundreds of dogs :grin:


Wow, not in my price range for cookery books! Although I think they would be an amazing read. We are definitely trying to take our food back to basics and get away from ultra processed as much as possible for the sake of our health.


I saw this a few years ago and bookmarked it, because it was beautiful: Anita Šumer, Creative Sourdough Baker | "Sourdough teaches you how to slow down." Anita Šumer is a Slovenian baker who uses dough as her canvas to make delicious artworks | By Freeda En | Facebook


@PVGemini I am a huge fan of Norwegian bread and that looks absolutely delicious! :yum:

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Tartine is wonderful. Their loaves are $14 each! That is not a typo! Next time you are in SF, try Arizmendi Bakery for many wonderful things. Their focaccia slabs are the bomb!

Glad you discovered that Tartine delivers. For anyone who really wants a special gift to yourself, have a loaf delivered. We slice it up and freeze it. The travel time is fine; it lasts.

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Those all look great! I make sourdough crumpets and waffles also. Yum! I will have to try the flatbread…love that for making lunch wraps.

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Thanks for the recommendation. Will do!

Yes, Tartine is expensive, but so good. We have a couple of frozen loaves now, LOL. We ration ourselves.

My husband loves great bread, too. Decades ago, when he started traveling for work from the U.S., he went to France for the first time. It was when international phone calls were still expensive. He called to let me know he’d arrived safely, as we’d agreed. Without any greeting, he blurted out: “Their bread is SO GOOD HERE!” And then he rushed through the “I’m here safely” part and hung up, LOL.

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I had the exquisite joy of a sit where they had an industrial waffle maker! Made a batch for them and us, they froze really well. I tried crumpets once and they were super easy but way too addictive when dripping in honey :yum: :smiling_face:


While I had a hard time getting my starter active enough for a successful loaf of bread, it made fabulous pancakes.

The photos in those series of books are amazing. The author even started a couple galleries ( In the books, they have not only great pics of food, but enlightening cut-aways like this:

On a somewhat-related note, apparently the best bagels are in California. So says the NY Times(!):

The end of that article lists four bagels shops, two in SF and two in LA.

I haven’t tried Boichik Bagels, but I am already a fan because the creator went to college near my hometown of Sacramento, and she made her own bagel-making robot!!!