Getting nervous, no applications!

Hello everyone,
I am getting nervous about not having any appropriate applications for a sit. (one forgot he was to be in LA, the other wanted to bring children and a cat, something my dog considers dessert.)
I have reached out to those who have saved the listing and have started “cold calling” available sitters in our area. The response rate is extremely low.
I just added the web link to my profile (thank you to whoever posted that information!).
Does anyone have any further suggestions?
Thank you,

The unique thing would be the chance to become a llama-sitter! I would love that. Maybe you could put that in the title.

Maybe add a picture of the home exterior.

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Welcome @macahayes -

I’ve taken a look at your listing . Your description and reviews are great but there is a lot that I learn from reading these that don’t show in your photos .

So someone taking a glance at the photos will not know about your pool and will have to scroll to the end to see that it’s a rural sit .

So I would add a photo at the beginning showing the house in the rural setting / the pool and move the one with the lama so it is the first one .

As @pietkuip has already said taking care of a lama is a unique feature and you would do well to advertise that feature more .

A sitter will definitely need to have or rent a car it seems. Is that correct? Or can you make a car available?

Hey there! As an experienced sitter, I took a look at your profile, and it seems quite nice and attractive, and you have lovely photos too. You also nicely list attractions & things to do in the area, which always helps attracts applicants and is good to see!
Here are some pointers that might help boost your profile:
1: Think about the target sitter you are trying to attract. Somebody that has a car, somebody who’s interested in rural sits, somebody who’s interested or experienced in Llama care, and somebody who is single or travelling without children & pets.
2: Change your profile to suit & attract your target applicant. Start with the title, as this is the first thing your potential applicant will see. “Llama and dog care in a beautiful rural setting - car necessary” could help! Then in your introduction, clearly outline that it is a rural sit but close enough to amenities & attractions with a car, and that you’re looking for single sitters with no kids & pets. Sitters don’t really need to know (& don’t really care, to be honest) why you’re going away, they want to know why they should sit for you.
3: Talk more about the sit and less about the neighbour’s animals. Sitters don’t need to know that the neighbours have chickens & horses, they want to know about your property. It might also confuse sitters, as they might think they have to look after the neighbour’s pets too.
4: Swimming as a requirement? If swimming is a requirement for the sit, perhaps explain why, as sitters may be confused and not apply if they’re not water confident. What does looking after the home & pets have to do with being able to swim?

Always consider your target audience, and think about what the sitter wants and needs to know.
The most attractive profiles really sell themselves and get people excited to sit for them!

Hope that helps! :blush::+1:


Thank you! I’ve gone through and made your changes,

A can can be available,
I reworded the post,

Make that a car, not can!

I included info to the intro, thank you!

Done, thank you!

Done, thank you!


You could relist, so that sitters that have your area as a Saved search get a notification in their mail this evening.

But how old is Roscoe? Most sitters are wary of real pups, I think. In the listing it says 1 year, maybe better to call that a dog.


I imagine a number of sitters have no experience with sitting for a llama and it may be frightening them off…but this is actually your selling point! I’d suggest to change the title and description to make it more open to someone who has never sat for a llama (assuming no experience is required, if you are open to that?) The way it reads now, I see it and think, ‘well, no, I can’t sit for a llama, I know almost nothing about them.’

IF you are open to non-experienced llama sitters, I’d state that clearly. Many sitters are happy to sit for other types of animals if they are ‘easy’ and clear instructions are provided.

‘Tina the llama is low maintenance, she’s shy around new people. She requires fresh water daily and new hay but she will hide when you put it in her area so she is no trouble. It’s ok to leave her for a day if you want to take Roscoe away on an overnight adventure, he travels well in a car and loves to see new places…’

Thank you!
I have made your recommended changes and am looking into reposting the sit

I’ll change the wording on pup and look into relisting.
I messaged everyone who had saved the listing, no luck.
Thank you!

The sit is quite soon and I understand you prefer someone to have their own car but if needs be they can use your car. If you don’t get any interest but really need a sitter you could perhaps offer to pick them up from the airport. I understand that may be a big ask but maybe as a last resort?

Great suggestion!
Thank you,

I want to thank everyone for your suggestions. I have reworded, added pics, changed the title, included more description. I have someone coming out Wednesday for a look-see and am thinking it’s because of your recommendations!


Done~thank you!

Reworded, thank you!