Girona, Spain

We were lucky enough to be accepted to do a house sit in Girona, Spain during December 2021.
Less than an hours train journey from Barcelona yet this beautiful historic city seems not to be on the ‘must see’ list of many tourists that flock to this area of Spain.

If you ever find yourself anywhere near, don’t miss out on this hidden gem - We guarantee that you will not be disappointed!


Thanks for posting Colin, Girona looks amazing and right up my street. Wonderful pics. I’ll be housesitting in the summer for a couple who are going to Girona. Definitely going on my list :blush:


Great post!!! Thanks for all the amazing information from your time with Blue. We will be in Spain in May, and hope to carve out some free time to visit some of these out-of-the-way hidden gems.


Yes Girona is indeed a little hidden gem. Went there way back in the 90’s while holidaying in Catalunya. Beautiful place with some real little beauty spots. Well worth a visit if anyone is in the vicinity.


I want to go out with the uk but house owners are only interested in local sitters. So want to go somewhere else hopefully that, will change soon.

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Where are you based @Genevere ?

I agree @Colin Girona is a special place I discovered 20 years ago when living in Spain. Glad to hear it still isn’t overrun with tourism like some other popular Spanish cities! Lovely reminder of a happy visit from the past! Thanks for sharing!!


Hi @Colin I’ve known about your stay in Girona and it is just today that I realize that I though you were talking about Gijon ! Which is absolutely not 1 h from Barcelona… Silly me ! Thank you for the discovery !