Glad to find the forum!

Hi, Liz and Chris, members since ca 2012 or thereabouts and love the housesitting life! And missing it terribly at the moment. Currently in Canada (Ontario) but ready to travel as soon as borders free up. Although our plan was to travel abroad the last year and this one we may spend the balance of this year re-exploring our beautiful country. Glad to have found the forum :slight_smile:


Welcome Liz and Chris.

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Welcome from another Ontarian!

Hi Liz & Chris welcome to our community forum so glad you’ve joined us from Ontario, you’ll find other members here from your Province one was saying today that you are back in lockdown, so sorry to hear that the UK is just starting to come out again … hopefully for the third and final time then we can all get back to our pets, people & places lifestyles again.

Thank you for being here almost from the start of THS and at the beginning of the forum … you must have amazing stories to share.

Welcome again

Angela & The Team

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Welcome Liz & Chris. We’re glad you’re here.
Like you we’re all itching to get back to travel, but, until then, we have this forum we can use to get to know each other and share our stories / learnings / questions.