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Hello, my name is Janice Pynn. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada with my husband David. We currently don’t have any pets as we decided that our retirement years would be full of travel, of course then Covid happened. This too shall pass…eventually. We have had a dog and 4 cats during our married life. I am a retired Certified Master Dog groomer and I also groomed cats during my grooming career of 13 years. We have been residential landlords since 1997 and currently still own multiple properties. We are hoping to branch out into more house/pet sitting opportunities. We have pet sat for a couple people in Mexico, in a town called Ajijic that we now call our second home. I look forward to getting to know some people in this group and learning from your experiences.


Hi Janice and welcome from NS … I lived in Halifax for a while. Thank you for your great introduction. For pet lovers, pet and housesitting is a wonderful retirement lifestyle, it can give purpose to your travels, meeting like minded people along the way and exploring places living like a local, which you experienced in Mexico, you second home.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members from across Canada and around the world, we look forward to sharing in your new adventures withTHS.

Angela & The Team

Hi @Janice5 and welcome to the Forum. Covid is a glitch for us all but you’ll soon be on your way looking after beautiful pets no doubt firstly in Canada and then wider afield. You have much experience where dogs and cats are concerned which will be an advantage when HO read your applications. Enjoy being a member of the Forum and all the best with your house/pet sitting opportunities.


Bonjour ! And welcome to the forum from Quebec. You sure will enjoy all the help and communication this space provides.

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I’m Cookie and my 14 year old Shih Tzu is Zoe, we have been members for several years and enjoy meeting new people from all over. We are now going to move from Virginia to New Jersey and hope to continue our relationships and wonderful experiences with Trusted House Sitters.

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Hi i’m new to this site. I don’t normally use Forums but i do read the occasional messages on them. I’m looking forward to finding where my first house sit will be in England where i live.

At home i work part time and like crafts, walking, photography and genealogy! I am now fully vaccinated and looking forward to warmer longer days!

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Hi @DinkyJenny , welcome to the forum. With more listings being advertised in England, I’m sure you’ll pick up your first sit soon. There’s been a lot of useful information posted on the forum for first time sitters, not to mention the help available on the THS website. Enjoy summer weather and all the best with your sits.

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Hi @DinkyJenny welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, we hope you will enjoy this forum where you’ll find great support and help from both new and experienced sitters.

Success always starts with creating a great profile adding references and completing the verification steps. When applying for a sit, choose a sit which suits your skill, abilities and preferences, it’s not about choosing a sit but the right sit.

Crafting a personal, warm and professional application message is so important, owners really look for a sitter who has really read their listing and references their pets and other points, some owners make it easier than others by adding lots of information. Most of all let your personality shine through.

As @temba says there is lots of information here and on the website blog:

  1. Top tips for creating your profile
    Write the perfect house sitter profile |
    Do visit the blog for more help and Membership Services are available to help throughout your membership.

I know you will have more great help, support and top tips from other members and so I will let them do what it is they do best, help other community members.

Angela and the Team

Hello from Houston, Texas. I’m new to this forum. It looks like there’s a lot to read and find about on here. I’m really looking forward to get out of the states for the next four to six months or maybe even more (according to my husband). I’m excited to do my first house sit with trusted house sitters.


Hello and welcome :pray:

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Hello @solange and welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining us from Houston, and welcome to out TrustedHousesitters community, do you have a sit arranged if so where and what pets are you looking after?

Travel is opening up around the world and hopefully everyone will be able to begin to enjoy their pet and housesitting lifestyle again whether you choose local or to get on the silver bird and fly away.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other forum members.

Angela & the Team