Glitches in THS system generated emails today?

I’ve received a number of emails automatically generated by the THS system today, and 2 of them had what appears to be glitches.

I had a message that A welcome guide had been shared. It took me a while to work out which sit it related to as the part where the Pet Parent name and location should have appeared was blank

The other was a message to say I’d had a reply to a review I’d written. In this case instead of the name of the Pet Parent who replied to the review, it had my name instead.

I had not replied to myself…

So if the Product Team have been making some tweaks to those particular system generated messages, they might want to go back and check the code…

Hi @Debbie

Thank you so much for the heads up on this!

I’ve passed all of this over to the team - if I hear any feedback from them I’ll pop it in a reply here.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


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