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Our names are Chelsea and Sanjeev Bedasee and we are from Louisville, KY, USA. As animal owners ourselves, we know how hard it can be to find someone to watch your fur babies. A little about us, we both work remotely. Sanjeev works full-time for an Insurance company as a case management nurse and Chelsea is a full-time history major at UofL and a part-time licensed massage therapist. We choose to house sit as a different way to travel. Anyone who has been on a whirlwind trip has visited places all too briefly that they’d like to spend some quality time in. House sitting gives you that opportunity with the convenience of a home base to explore new places and cuddle cute pets along the way.
We are planning a trip to Edinburgh and London in October 2022,

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Our names are Chelsea and Sanjeev and we are planning a trip to Edinburgh and London for mid-October 2022. Any helpful advice for someone who has never been to Edinburgh before such as things to do/see? Food suggestions are always appreciated as well. :yum: :stew:

Edinburgh is amazing. One of my favorite cities. Make sure to go hike arthur’s seat. If you like photography there used to be a great photography walking tour that was super interesting. No fancy camera needed, just one that allows for manual shooting. I learned a lot about both photography and the city.

The Edinburgh Larder - They have great food. I always get a cream tea here when I’m in the city.

London has a ton to do. Food recs depend a lot on what area of the city you’ll stay in so I’ll just drop a few of my favorites that I always visit when I’m in the city:

The Pitted Olive - the gozleme here is amazing and it’s literally being made fresh in front of you.

Bombay Burrito - Not the best Indian food in London, but yummy and I love the idea of the burrito. Apparently it’s also called a Frankie and is common street food in India, but I’ve only seen it here.

Mother Mash - I always have to get a pie and mash when I visit and this place has a great selection of both. I like to mix and match.

There are tons of great food markets that are worth visiting like Camden, Borough, etc. They’re great to find a few different things to share.

If you have never done a full afternoon tea, I recommend it. It’s a fun, very British, experience. At the least, do a cream tea somewhere so you get the tea and scone experience.

ETA if you haven’t already seen it, there is a show called “Everybody Feed Phil” on netflix and it’s hilarious. They did an episode in London so I would watch that for sure. There was a place that looked like it had amazing pie.


CreatureCuddler it was so nice of you to send such a detailed, thoughtful response with itinerary suggestions like that. Very nice.