Greetings from Alaska

I live in Anchorage and new to TrustedHouseSitters. I have a Pomeranian (Black and Tan colors) named Stormy. She is 11 years old and spoiled. In her younger years she participated in AKC Confirmation Dog Shows. She received her Champion (2012) and Grand Champion (2013) Titles. We last showed in 2014 because of my disability of unable to walk without support. We currently enjoy limited walking when the weather permits.

I am not looking for sitting and we don’t travel much.

Thank you for reading


Welcome to the forum. Alaska has been on my bucket list for years and probably won’t be anything more than a dream destination.
Enjoy the chat.

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HI @dj452 welcome to our Community Forum and to the place for pet lovers and welcome Stormy. Thank you for joining in the conversations and we hope you can share your previous experiences and help take us to Alaska via the forum.

I’m sorry to hear of your disability and hope you get the opportunity to enjoy walks again once the wether permits … also that you can share in some “travel” experiences through our forum member’s stories.


Angela and the Team