Greetings from Croatia

My name is Dragica (Dragitsa - for easier reading)and I’m 59 years old. I am from the small town of Tuhelj near the capital Zagreb.
I would love to to become a pet sitter - I love cats and would love to travel.
I have a question - when I contact pet owners, can I contact several of them at the same time or do I have to contact one and wait for a response? How does it work? I wouldn’t want to come off as unkind.

Greetings to all members!



Hello @MarijaTerezija and welcome to the wonderful world of housesitting. You have a lovely smiley face, I’m sure you’ll do well :wink:
You can always search before asking a question as it may well have been asked before. I did a search and found the following:

And this:


Hi @MarijaTerezija. Welcome to our friendly community. I’m glad you’re here. Pet sitting is such a fabulous way to travel and get your pet fix, and this community is full of conversations about almost any pet sitting related question you might have.

Please reach out if you have any questions about taking the next step on your pet sitting journey by becoming a member of TrustedHousesitters and setting up a sitter profile.

See you around the forum.

Thank you for the very warm welcome to the forum. Of course, the next thing I have to do is sign up on TrustedHousesitters and set up a housekeeper profile.

Dear Smiley!
Thank you very much for your quick and specific answer. It helped me a lot. Of course, I should have looked for the answers myself on the forum, but honestly, I thought that only I was bothered by that question. Now I see that others have the same questions and doubts. Thanks to you, I feel welcome in the forum and you showed me that there are no stupid questions. :blush:
Once again, thank you very much!


You’re very welcome. Now it remains for you to take the plunge & join Trusted Housesitters!


Yes, I’m still putting together my profile and looking for pictures to attach.


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I need help. I finally started writing the details for my profile and ran into a problem. I need to add references to my profile, which, of course, I don’t have because I haven’t been a pet sitter yet. Should I even do this and how?

Hello @MarijaTerezija

Please do not feel disheartened, you can request references from an employer, character references, voluntary work etc. It does not have to be from a previous house sit and everyone starts somewhere.

Here is a link on how to request them:

If you need any more help please feel free to DM me.
Best wishes Carla

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Thank you very much. It is clearer to me, but I will have some additional questions. I’ll write later because I’m busy at work and have a lot of homework to correct. :sweat:

Welcome, @MarijaTerezija! Yes, just ask your questions when ready. I know what you mean by being busy! My to-do backlog seems to be growing each day! :sweat_smile: –Geoff

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Welcome to the forum. I visited Croatia about 30 years ago. A beautiful country.


So yeah, here I am, I’ve been gone for a week or more, and I haven’t even finished my profile yet.
:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I’m so glad to hear that.


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