Hello From Croatia - Introducing Myself!

Hi, i am Jasmina from Croatia,65 old and few months in retirement. I had cats (all died) and Dalmatian dog. Now i daily take a care for friends Dalmatian dog Floky because they travel a lot. I Like long walk with dog with Floky -he is very speedy .
Now when im not working any more i decided to travel. This pet sitting is good oportunity for me. I’m speaking English and German and little bit italian language.
I can stay longer because i’m on retirement.
I’m serious and honest women.
I hope I Will find my New pet who needs me-sonmewhere on the world. Will be greatfull for any advice.


Hi @JasminaMarkota
A big welcome to the forum. We have many retired members who have taken up pet sitting in so many lovely and different locations in these perfect years for travel.
We wish you well on your journey.

For members to really help you get started, I would suggest that you once you join TrustedHousesitters, and put together your profile, you add it here to the forum so other members can get to know you and give you their expert advice on how to secure your first sit.

The way to add your profile link is here >> https://forum.trustedhousesitters.com/t/how-to-add-a-listing-or-profile-link-to-your-forum-profile

We look forward to hearing about your plans.
Floky looks like a fabulous companion.
Best wishes
Therese and the forum team.


Welcome @JasminaMarkota. Croatia is on my list of countries to visit. I hear your coasts are amazing!
As a relatively new sitter myself (joined mid may last year) the key to get sits you want is to have a good profile and build up your feedback especially and get your first sit. I suggest doing this by looking at last minute sits. It took me 23 applications to get my first (local) sit. Done 10 sits since and have 2 confirmed sits coming up.
It’s a great way to meet some great animals, caring owners and to see different parts of the world.
Good luck.

Hello @JasminaMarkota and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
As @Therese-Moderator advised once you join TrustedHousesitters you can add your profile on to your profile on here so that other members can help you to secure your first sit.
We travelled all around Croatia last Spring and absolutely loved it, which part of Croatia are you from?
Do you have any particular areas of the world where you would love to house sit? :earth_americas::blush:

@JasminaMarkota welcome to the forum! I literally just added Croatia to my Bucket List of places to travel within the next five years. Can you give me some extra special areas that are a must to see while there?

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Hello @JasminaMarkota,

I just had to say hello because Croatia is one of my all favorite countries! My husband and I lived there for nearly three months and for both of us it’s one our top five favorite countries in the whole world that we’ve visited so far (52 countries for me).

What part of Croatia are you from? We have plans to go back because we so love the culture, the people were always so kind to us, the food! OMG the best octopus and in Istria wow the truffles! the pasta was better than in Italy! and all your national parks, Plitvitce and Krka and the islands…I could go on all day! In fact the background on my computer is a photo of the beaches on Lopud. So glad you’re here and congratulations on the start of your retirement. I think you’ll find THS is a great way to travel and enjoy the companionship of animals while seeing new places.

For other members if you see this post Croatia is absolutely the BEST! here’s just a few snaps of our time there.


@Kelly-Moderator I have to agree and Plitvice and Krka are just stunning, I recognised your photo’s straight away! … oh and don’t get me started on the food, that’s a whole other topic to do on here! :sweat_smile::slightly_smiling_face:

One of my pics from Plitvice :blush:


Hi,thank you for your welcome messege and for advice.
Regards from Croatia

Hi,thank you for your welcome messege. Im glad you like Croatia.
Im living on the North Croatia,85 km grom capitol city Zagreb and 20 km from Ungarn border.
Wich area i want visit? Maybe Scandinavan countrys.I want travel now and this is most important. And i adore be with animals and in the nature.
Regards from Croatia


Hi,thank you for welcome messege.
I suggest you to see the Adriatic coast and National park Plitvice.
Im living on the North and 85 km from capitol city Zagreb.
Regards from Croatia

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Hi,im glad you like my homeland and Thank you for your welcome messege.
Im living on the North of Croatia,20 km from Ungarn and 85 km from our capital city Zagreb. Will be glad if you come to visit my town named Koprivnica.
Regards from Croatia

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Thank you for your messege. Can you give me advice wich kind of membership i have to choose.
Im glad you like my homeland.
Regards from Croatia

Gorgeous pics!

Hi @JasminaMarkota,

I’m sorry I didn’t see your message. I am not on here everyday but in the future if you want to get a members attention the easiest way is to type “@” followed by their username that way the member is tagged and will get a notification that they have been mentioned in a post.

This is taken from our blog and will hopefully hep you decide on a membership plan. Please let me or another moderator know if you have more questions.

What’s the difference between Basic, Standard and Premium?

At just $129 per year, our Basic membership offers great value with unlimited house sits and daily alerts for up to 3 saved searches. And for just a small sum more, sitters can enjoy even more features on our Standard and Premium plan, such as sit cancellation insurance, accident & third party liability protection and free airport lounge passes. Check out the full list of features for each membership here.

Our new tiered plans are designed to enhance our member’s experience, so rest assured no member will ever be at a disadvantage as a result of their membership level. With fellow member feedback and insights at its core, these plans are designed to help you — our sitters — to get the absolute most from your membership.


Thank you! I can’t remember now which one but one of them won an award and maybe the same one maybe both were featured on some major websites like Hostelworld and a few others but I can’t remember any of the details now. :woman_shrugging:t3: . Honestly Croatia is so photogenic it’s just so easy to get amazing shots. My parents visited us for nearly three weeks while we were living there. We took them to several of the islands. Split was our home base but we took them to Vis, Korchula and a few others then up around Trogir, Plitvitce and Krka…we had done all of that prior to their arrival but it was all so beautiful we were more than happy to go back to the places. They tell everyone it’s the best trip they’ve ever taken…which makes me really happy because we planned it all and it was a ton of work! :sweat_smile:


wow! amazing pictures


Thank you🥰

I’M so excited. I’ll be going there in October. That’s why I joined THS! It will be my first time I using the service, and already am happy with my decision.


Hi @cala welcome to the THS forum! That is so exciting you will be traveling to Croatia in October. I haven’t been yet, but it is definitely at the top of my list. We are delighted you are having a positive experience with THS. We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in the fall. Happy travels!

@cala You will LOVE Croatia :heart: … we travelled all around there last year and absolutely loved our time there! Have a lovely time and please share lots of photos on your adventures :camera::blush:

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